October 5, 2009

A Brief Comparision Between La Luz Del Mundo and the Roman Catholic Church

God's Blessing and Welcome.

Below is a link that will take to a file this a matrix comparison of La Luz Del Mundo and the Roman Catholic Church. It is reference with official Roman Catholic Church citing as well as my personal eye witnessing of La Luz Del Mundo.

The other link below the comparison is a list of questions directed toward those with questions on the Roman Catholic Church.

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Matrix Comparison of LLDM and RCC.pdf


What is the origin and beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church.pdf



  1. Claims inspiration directly from God and Claims inspiration directly from God and
    earthly High Priest between man and Jesus earthly High Priest between man and Jesus
    Christ to the Father, and the Bible is only a Christ to the Father.
    reference book full of errors. Only he
    knows the truth and the will of God.
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    chris there is a juge differance between the roman catholic church and the LLDM. Just at the start of looking at this page, well i arleady knew the differances, but i still took a look, and the diffeance is this
    1: the pope is not nor was he inspired by god to be a "Apostol/prohet". If you dont know the differance chris: here goes
    Im sure you have read the welcoming letters of the apostols like Poul, Peter. And in some of his letters he says not by man nor by men but by jesuschrist.

    1 if you have payed attention to there socall "inspirement" by god: they all gather there high priest and choose between them selves to elect there new pop. Thats how all of them were choosen. You could compare what paul says not by man nor by men but by jesuschrist.

    LLdm--never have i heard nor seen that the apostol aaron and samuel were elected by men or man. They have always said by jesus christ and its true.

    thats a big comperson between both churches. Just with this said, there is no mor to compare.

  2. The point of the comparison is that both LLDM and the RCC declare that their God chosen apostle is the only way for salvation and that anyone that is not a member (under the authority) their church does not have salvation.

    Both LLDM and RCC, among other religious, are not based on Biblical teachings and doctrines from the word of God. It does not matter rather that the apostle is elected or self appointed, as is the case with Aaron and Samuel, when any church organization or religion declares their high priest to be the only true apostle on earth they are wrong for we now have a true High Priest in heaven, the Lord Jesus Christ. The need for an earthly high priest (apostle) ended when Christ entered into heaven (Hebrews 1)over 2000 years ago.

  3. The need for an earthly high priest (apostle) ended when Christ entered into heaven (Hebrews 1)over 2000 years ago.
    after jesus entered into heaven, jesus still called paul, that was after jesus went to heaven. If there was no need of a high priest(APOSTOL) then what was the reason why jesus elected the apostol paul.

  4. The Lord chose Paul (Saul) for his strong religious background plus his dynamic personality. Both caused him to be, perhaps the strongest of all individuals in establishing the church in the then known world.

    He also was know and feared by the Jews for is powerful distainment for Christians. Because of his “murderous” feelings who could have had a more powerful testimony for the forgiving grace of Jesus Christ than Paul!

    Paul also had the ability to make himself into whatever type of person he need to be in order to connect with non-believers and win them for Christ.

    Let us go to the Scriptures for the why.

    (Acts 9:15-16) - 15 But the Lord said to Ananias, “Go! This man is my chosen instrument to proclaim my name to the Gentiles and their kings and to the people of Israel. 16 I will show him how much he must suffer for my name.”

    The Lord is not giving us the reasons why he chooses Paul. All that the Lord says is that Paul is “my chosen instrument…” but what we can see first-hand is the incredible works that Paul did for the Lord as well as all of Paul’s written testimonies of his revelations from Jesus that Paul had brought to the gentile work and even the Jews.

    Paul never, I repeat never, declared himself to be an earthly intercessor (either by "Election" or by "Apostlic Authority") between man and the Lord Jesus in heaven.

    Now there is intercessory praying by others on the behalf of others. But the meaning in which Samuel and the Pope view themselves is in the same way that the Scriptures teach that the Lord Jesus is the mediator between man and God the Father in heaven.

    Paul never considered himself a mediator between the church and Jesus Christ. He always taught that all in Christ by faith can come directly to the Father in Heaven because of the Lord Jesus.

    All of the great apostles pointed only to the message of Christ and always stressed the fact that they were just lowly, poor servants of the Message.

  5. Now there is intercessory praying by others on the behalf of others.
    chris your saying that now there is intercessory praying by others on the behalf of others but this hasent changed.Romans 10:1 Brethren, my heart’s desire and my supplication to God is for them, that they may be saved" isent this a performance of intercessory, the apostol praying for others. I speak in behalf of lldm, i see your point of the rch.
    Chris i personaly think that the catholic church is not chosen by god, for one they are chosen by men, and if you read salmes 115, it states about there statues( not to be disrespectfull, i just have no other way to put it).

  6. chris i hope you get back to my comment
    god bless